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I no longer develop Genetic Genealogy Tools. All tools are archived and available from GitHub. This website is also archived in and available as on 29th May 2016.

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Most Ancient DNA are uploaded as SRA or FASTQ files. This kit is developed to allow anyone to download and convert SRA / FASTQ files to BAM files. Once converted, it can be further processed using BAM Analysis Kit, which can be further used for genetic genealogy.

Usage: Make sure the files ends with .sra / .fastq
sra2bam.bat <sra-file>.sra
fq2bam.bat <fastq-file>.fastq

Prerequisites: 64-bit Windows

Download : SRA_FASTQ to BAM (3.2 GB)

Change Log
Version 1.0
Initial Release.

BAM Analysis Kit

BAM Analysis Kit is a bundle of genome tools that will analyse .BAM raw data file and outputs in file format similar to genetic genealogy companies. The goal of this kit to enable end users to analyse their own genome on their personal computer.

The tool provides the following output,
genome_complete.txt.gz - Complete list from all confident sitesgenome_full_snps.txt.gz - Complete list of all known SNPsfiltered-autosomal-o37-results.csv.gz - Filtered by Autosomal DNA SNPs tested by DNA companiesfiltered-x-chromosome-o37-results.csv.gz - Filtered by X DNA SNPs tested by DNA companiesAdmixture_Dodecad_Report.html - Dodecad dv3 Population Admixture ReportAdmixture_Eurogenes_Report.html - Eurogenes K=36 Population Admixture ReportAdmixture_Globe13_Report.html - Globe13 Population Admixture ReportComplete_SNPs_y.csv - List of all identified Y-SNPs along with other columnsISOGG_Y_Haplogroup.txt - ISOGG Y-Haplogroup identification as on 1-Jul-2015MtDNA_Haplogroup.txt - Mt-DNA Haplogroup based…